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Telfair Community Facebook

Dear Telfair Residents,

In an effort to be transparent with the community, the Telfair HOA Board of Directors has utilized the opinion of legal counsel regarding the Telfair Neighbors Facebook page. The Telfair Neighbors page is a private Facebook page that is administered by a former board member and was never approved by the Telfair HOA as the official Facebook page for our community.

The board understands the importance of staying connected and delivering vital information to the residents of Telfair. As your board, we have decided instead of spending HOA fees and resources reclaiming the Telfair Neighbors Facebook page, we have decided to create a new Telfair Facebook page - Telfair Community Association. This new community page will be a fresh start of dialogue between residents, delegates and the HOA board; it will not be managed by Sterling ASI. To prevent the scenario that occurred with the former board member, this page will be managed and updated by existing board members and a committee led by delegates moving forward.  We encourage all homeowners and residents to "Join" this page on Facebook and to share this information with your neighbors. 


This page will only be as positive and informative as the neighbors that contribute to its content, would appreciate your help to grow this community Facebook page.  Welcome to the new Telfair Community Association Facebook page, click here -->https://www.facebook.com/groups/telfair/



 Telfair Community Association Board