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Tennis Raquet



Telfair has many beautiful amenities throughout the community including tennis courts at two locations; Central Hall (three courts) and Rec Center 3 (two courts). Telfair has a very large active group of tennis players so the courts are used on a regular basis. Please be considerate to your fellow Telfair neighbors and do not reserve the courts more than allowed. Beginning immediately, the tennis courts reservations will be monitored and residents who are not complying by the reservations rules will receive a notice in writing from the Association advising them of the violation. Upon second notice of the same resident abusing the reservation rules, the Telfair Board of Directors will review the resident's reservation history and may decide to suspend the resident's key fob for access to Telfair amenities, including the tennis courts. Thank you in advance for being considerate of all Telfair residents that enjoy playing tennis. Below is the reservation policy for all Telfair Tennis Courts.

Reservations must be made using the Tennis Court Reservation on Telfair Life. Time slots may be reserved up to 7 days in advance. A resident may reserve a court no more than 3 times per week. Time slots are 1 1/2 hours ( 90 minutes). Walk ups are permitted if the time slot is not filled. Reservations are considered abandoned if not used within 10 minutes of the reservation start time.




Sugar Land Police Dedicated Patrol Car

At the November 4, 2015 board meeting, a majority of the board voted to begin a TRIAL period with the Sugar Land Police Department for a dedicated patrol car in the community. The board will be reviewing the pros and cons during the trial period. The Association will not be signing a contract at this time; therefore will have the opportunity to cancel the dedicated patrol car at any time. The 2016 assessments have been approved and will not increase for 2016.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the dedicated patrol car please feel free to attend the next board meeting on December 2nd, with open forum at 8:00 pm. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please email customercare@ciaservices.com and your questions or comments will be placed in the board package for review at the meeting.

Telfair Neighbors Facebook Page

The Telfair Community Association has an official Telfair Facebook page to promote communication with and within Telfair residents.

Please note: this page is for Telfair residents only to post Telfair related matters. Each post is reviewed before its posted to the page, to avoid advertisers and promoters from posting to the page. Please do not add residents of other communities, your service providers, family members, etc.



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